Pro Trailer Backup Assist

Pro Trailer Backup Assist™ on the 2016 Ford F-150 is named the top CES® 2016 Best of Innovation Awards Honoree in the Vehicle Intelligence category by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) ™, formerly the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) ®

Whether you're a towing novice or a seasoned pro, Ford Motor Company has made it simple for you to put your trailer exactly where you want it with the new 2016 Ford F-150 Pro Trailer Backup Assist feature. Check out our Pro Trailer Backup Assist demo below to see for yourself just how easy it is.

How does the PTBA System Work?
Backing up a trailer has never been easier!  Learning to backup a car is a difficult task for some, and others never really get the hang of it.  Imagine trying to learn to backup with an extra piece of equipment in tow behind you...Add to this the idea of backing up that trailer, all without a "spotter" to help...Sounds like a nightmare. Right?

With the 2016 F150 it couldn't be easier.  Ford F150s new optional PTBA feature makes this whole process much easier (and less intimidating).    By taking control of the integrated Control Knob, you are able to turn the trailer in the left or right direction, while the trucks on-board computer automatically limits the speed of the vehicle to avoid jack knifing, and using the F150s PTBA knob automatically steers the truck, while a rear-view camera helps as an "eye in the sky" watching over, to ensure smooth operation. 


Come try it for YOURSELF only @ Ricart Ford
Ricart Ford has built the ONLY dedicated PTBA test ramp, in existence.  Come get behind the wheel of YOUR new Ford F150 and see how EASY and SIMPLE it can be to control your trailer, even in the tightest of spots!